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Mandated Mexican employee benefits

Mandated Mexican employee benefits

Hello.  I’m Alberto Guzman.  I am a program manager for the Tecma Group of Companies.  I will address the Mexican employee benefits that need to be included in a Mexican manufacturer’s payroll.

The basic Mexican employee benefits that need to be implemented according to the country’s labor laws are:

  • Salary
  • Vacation plus prime
  • Christmas bonus
  • Seniority
  • PTU (profit sharing benefit)

Some of the conditions that need to be established to determine Mexican employee benefits are the number of:

  • days in a week
  • days in a month
  • days in a year
  • shifts to be worked (first and second)
  • hours to be worked during weekly shifts (forty-eiqht or forty-two hours)
  • holidays per calendar year

We can tailor the Mexican employee benefits so that they comply with Mexican law within the maquiladora industry.

If you have any questions about Mexican employee benefits, please contact me using my email:

Thank you.

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