Hello. My name is Abraham Medina, director of human resources for the Tecma Group of Companies. I am here to speak on the topic of turnover in the Mexican maquiladora industry.

Turnover in the Mexican maquiladora industry has two origins: One of them involves external factors such as the labor market of the city that one is manufacturing in, prevailing wages structure and number of jobs available. On the other hand, internal factors that are common to every company from which we can highlight the need for a leadership based on values that ensures the hiring of employees that are a the best fit for the company in terms of the work in question, firm culture and mission, as well as approach to customer satisfaction.

In order to minimize turnover in the Mexican maquiladora industry, the work culture must be supported by an effective communications system that includes feedback provided by employees, and promotes an excellent work environment. Please remember that leadership is the backbone of any organization. We are the leaders. Our values and influence on our teams should encourage loyalty and great respect in our employees. Leaders of organization must, at all times, keep workers involved in initiatives in the pursuit of organizational objectives. In order to minimize turnover in the Mexican maquiladora industry, we must make the work attractive through by providing employees with rewarding assignment and support to their careers. We must also keep them involved in the pursuit of customer satisfaction. This is done by promoting a sense of ownership. This is when he or she feels a part of a company with a future as an individual as well as for the family.

The bottom-line is that our leadership and organizational culture, supported by strong values, good employee selection and support for career growth of individuals will determine loyalty, and will serve to diminish turnover in the Mexican maquiladora industry. Thank you so much.

Photo credit: eflon