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Mexico is the leading exporter of tractor trailers

Mexico is the leading exporter of tractor trailers

Although the principal global producers of heavy vehicles include China, Japan, Germany and the US, Mexico is the leading exporter of tractor trailers.

Despite the existence of global economic volatility, the president of the National Association of Manufacturers of Buses, Trucks and Tractor Trailers (Anpact), Miguel Elizalde, believes that Mexico will continue to be the world leader in the export of tractor trailers. In 2015, Mexico was the leading exporter of tractor trailers when it shipped ninety-two thousand six hundred and thirty units to global consumers. Germany came in a close second with a total export figure of eighty-seven thousand eight hundred.

A historic year for tractor trailer exports

Last year was a banner year for the industry. Exports expanded by a hefty 26.5% over 2014. This represented an increase in unit sales from just over one hundred and fifty-six thousand to almost two hundred thousand. The total value of product sold overseas by the world’s leading exporter of tractor trailers in 2015 was $US 8.5 billion.

Because of the aforementioned global economic headwinds, the president of Anpact believes that, although the number of units exported will be smaller, Mexico will continue to maintain its position as the leading exporter of tractor trailers. The expectation is that the market will be slack for the product for most of the remainder of the present calendar year, but a recuperation of consumption will kick in toward the end of 2016.

Anpact represents some of the best-known global tractor trailer manufacturers in Mexico

Tractor trailers exported from Mexico account for sixty percent of transportation vehicles sent outside the borders of the country. Although sales to external markets remain relatively robust, Mexican tractor-trailer manufacturers represented by the national association, Anpact, face the challenge of making sales into a somewhat lackluster domestic market for their product. Among the better known firms represented by Mexico’s National Association of Manufacturers of Buses, Trucks and Tractor Trailers are Cummins, Daimler Vehículos Comerciales, Detroit Diesel Allison
de México, S. de R.L. de C.V., Mack Trucks, Inc., Kenworth Mexicana, S.A. de C.V., and Navistar de México, S. de R.L. de C.V. among others.

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