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Mexico Manufacturing Strategies

During MexicoNow’s Supply Chain Summit that took place in March of 2014 in El Paso, Texas, Emilio Cadena, delivered a presentation entitled, “Mexico and your manufacturing strategy.”

Cadena now serves as the president of Index. which is known in Spanish as the Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora y Manufactura de Exportacion.  Index is the organization that represents the interests of export and maquiladora industry manufacturers on a national level. The premise of Cadena’s presentation is that Mexico manufacturing strategies, when formulated and implemented, will enable businesses whose products are consumed in North America to reach their growth potential.

The presentation that can be accessed via the link provided below contains information that includes:

  • A quantitative overview of Mexico’s maquiladora industry
  • An enumeration of the factors that subtantiate the value of Mexico manufacturing strategies
  • A series of facts and figures that demonstrate the growth that has been achieved in Mexico’s export industry
  • A geographical view that shows the locations and numbers of maquilaora plants nationwide.

Cadena advised those in attendance to exercise great care and conduct due diligence when devising their Mexico manufacturing strategies, and placed particular emphasis on the importance of making solid and informed industrial site selection decisons. He also counseled that companies view the issue of government fiscal and other incentives as a “tie breaker” variable, and not as a site selection driver.

Other issues that the president of Mexico’s maquiladora interest promotion organization examined included the importance of conscientiously choosing the right personnel with which to staff production facilities, as well as the necessity to do due diligence and use discernment when choosing parties with whom to partner with in the execution of their Mexico manufacturing strategies.

Access the MexicoNow presentation made by Emilio Cadena, president of Index, below:

Mexico and your manufacturing strategy

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