Mexico Now events are widely recognized as being the best gatherings at which to collect actionable business intelligence on Mexico’s maquiladora industry.

Venues in two major Midwestern US cities will be the sites of two gatherings scheduled for early May of 2015.

Individuals and representatives of companies that are interested in learning about the Inside of Mexico’s Auto Industry can do so by choosing to attend one of two Mexico Now events that will take place on May 6 and May 8. Dearborn, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois, respectively, will be cities in which those with an in-depth knowledge of the current landscape of the Mexican automotive industry will meet and share valuable information.

In Dearborn, the gathering with be at the Adoba Hotel, which was formerly the Hyatt, while in Chicago, the second of the two of the May Mexico Now events will take place at the Sheraton O’Hare Airport. Both conferences will run from 7AM to 5PM.

Inside Mexico’s Auto Industry is a must attend for those that wish to learn about opportunities to begin to participate in the sales to an increasingly large and lucrative supply chain, or for those that are already selling into the market, but are looking to gain the necessary knowledge, and make the contacts, required to expand their  current client base.

Additionally, information will be readily available, and experts will be present for face-to-face consultation, for those suppliers to the Mexican automotive industry that wish to assemble information on the best ways for them to establish a manufacturing presence in proximity to the many original equipment manufacturers, OEMs, that make up the one of the world’s largest and fastest growing automotive manufacturing clusters.

As is the case with all Mexico Now events, Inside Mexico’s Auto Industry will offer attendees an opportunity to tap into the collective insights of an impressive roster of country and industry experts. Publicity available for these Mexico Now events describes objectives for the gathering as being designed to:

  • analyze current business conditions in Mexico’s auto industry;
  • obtain information that can be found at no other similar event;
  • speak and interact with OEM representatives, as other buyers and sellers;
  • learn about the costs related to setting up manufacturing facilities in Mexico to supply the industry from within proximity.

As is the case with Mexico Now events in general, among other things, attendees will have a unique chance to:

  • learn about industry demand forecasts and forecasting;
  • become informed on conditions that are prevalent in both international and domestic markets;
  • familiarize themselves with workforce ability, quality and productivity;
  • have a basic overview of tax and legal issues presented to them;
  • become educated on options for manufacturing in Mexico.

Mexico Now events are held throughout the year on a diversity of subject matter that is essential knowledge for those looking to do business with the US’ southern NAFTA partner. Individuals or companies that wish to talk to Tecma can do so at both, or either, the Adoba Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan on May 6, and/or the Chicago Sheraton O’Hare on May 8.


Mexico Now events are a production of the country’s most respected maquiladora trade industry magazine, Mexico Now.