The Japan-based Mikuni Power Corporation has recently contructed a new manufacturing facility in Reynosa, Mexico.

Reynosa is a border town that is located on the Gulf Coast in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, which shares a common border with the state of Texas and the city of McAllen. The company’s latest investment in Reynosa was driven by the decision of its major shareholders’ to expand its presence in the North American market in general, and in Mexico in particular. Mikuni Power manufactures high performance aftermarket racing carburetors, throttle bodies, fuel and oil pumps, and position sensors for motorcycles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and outboard engines, as well as other related products. The new Mikuni plant expands the company’s presence in the city, which dates back to 1996, and is valued at US $9 million.

According to the secretary of economic development of the State of Tamaulipas, Monica Gonzalez Garcia, Mikuni’s investment in Reynosa will result in the creation of one hundred and fifty direct labor positions. In addition to directing a focus on the production of parts for internal combustion engines, the new Mikuni facility in the Tamaulipas border town will also produce plastic injection molded parts. The state economic development leader also noted that the Mikuni expansion will enable the company to not only increase the volume of its Reynosa production, but also to improve the quality of the products that it ships to its customers. The move by Mikuni executives to increase the company’s presence in the city is also emblematic of the increasing confidence that industry has in investment in Reynosa.

The president of Mikuni Power Corporation, Hisata Ikuta, has pointed to the agreement and cooperation that has characterized the relationship between a consortium of stakeholders, which includes bankers, shareholders, cients, suppliers and employeers, as being the principal factor that has given legitimacy to the companies decision to make and move forward with this sizable investment in Reynosa.