The NAFTANEXT conference recently took place from April 22-25 at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

Assistance in planning and executing the event was lent by an Advisory Committe which included representatives from a range of stakeholders that included:

    • economic development organizations
    • chambers of commerce
  • transporation companies and organizations
  • industry associations
  • state governments

The presentations made during the event looked at the NAFTA and its twenty years of expanded North American trade through the prism of environmmental and energy issues. In the context of these two considerations NAFTANEXT’s speakers focused on the dual principles of sustainability and profitability in the realm of continent-wide private sector trade activities. Among areas of discussion considered by the speakers and event participants were:

  • NAFTA and North American Competitiveness
  • Cross-border Transportation and Nearshoring Trends
  • Ports, Inland Ports & Trade Corridors
  • Powering New Freight Systems
  • Borders of the Future: Challenges of Today
  • Investment Climate in Mexico
  • The Future of North American Logistics
  • North American Infrastructure Development
  • New Energy: The Game-Changer in North America
  • Trade and North American Metropolitan Economies
  • North America’s Environmental Responsibility
  • Freight movement across the NAFTA surface borders

NAFTANEXT was a tri-national summit that examined supply chains in North America, and was organized by the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors, and by Blakey & Agnew, LLC.  CAGTC’s main mission is to promote a seamless goods movement transportation system across all modes to enhance capacity and economic growth. Blakely & Agnew, LLC is a public affairs and communications consulting firm based in Washington, DC.

The NAFTANEXT conference brought together a large group of interdisciplinary experts that shared their knowledge to those in attendance. Access to event presentations and their download can be gained by clicking on the link that is provided below: