The vice president of Nissan of Mexico, Armando Avila Moreno, recently announced that in mid-November the Japanese OEM manufacturer of passenger vehicles will open the doors a new manufacturing plant in Mexico in Aguascalientes. It will be the company’s second in that city.

In an interview that he gave before making a speaking appearance entitled “Leadership an Competitiveness” at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, he explained that the new plant was built in a record time period of eighteen months from the moment of land acquisition until the machinery required for initiation of production activities was installed.

Nissan’s Mexico chief, Avila-Moreno, explained that one of the goals that the company hopes to achieve by bringing its second production facility on-line is Aquascalientes is to raise the companies annual production in that city from three million to four million units annually. He believes that activities at this new Aguascalientes facility can bring that goal to fruition in the not too distant future. Due to the examination and streamlining of all component activities involved in the process of manufacturing a vehicle, Armano Avila expects that the time to produce a complete automobile in the new manufacturing plant in Mexico will be significantly reduced. This will enable workers at the Nissan Aguascalientes to boost production measurably.

The Japanese OEM’s presence in Aguascalientes consists of 2.3 million square feet of automotive manufacturing space made up of multiple buildings. Capabilities on site include stamping, body and plastics manufacturing, trim and chassis, painting and bumper painting, as well as other processes required to achieve the build of a complete car.

When all is up and running at Nissan’s expanded operations in Aquascalientes, up to 3,000 positions will be created. Approximately 9,000 supply chain related jobs will eventually be created to support the full operations of the new manufacturing plant in Mexico. After all positions are accounted for, total Nissan employment in Mexico will be in the vicinity of 13,500 workers.

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