In a recent discussion with journalists, the head of Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, spoke about the recent launch of the sale of new Datsun branded vehicles in Indonesia and India, and thought out loud regarding the possibility of marketing and selling the same vehicles throughout Latin America after producing them at Nissan Mexico, as well. An ambitious marketing blitz targeting the Indian market is underway at present, and is aimed bolstering the company’s aggressive efforts in selling the company’s Go and Go+ models in that emerging market.

According to Ghosn, it would be a good strategic move for the company to produce and to sell the Datsun branded Go and Go+ in Mexico for consumption in its domestic market, in additon to shipping additonal units of the compact passenger vehicle to large emerging South American markets, namely Brazil. One challenge that would affect any strategy that is devised to do this successfully, however, would be to establish Datsun as a recognized brand in Latin America. Indonesian and Indian consumers are familiar with Datsun, as are buyers in Russia, another country where the company plans to sell these sub-compact vehicles. Latin American consumers would have to be introduced to and familiarized with the brand.

Production for Datsun vehicles in Mexico, if and when it occurs, would be done by utilizing a portion of the  Mexican automotive manufacturing space available at one or more of the three Nissan Mexico plants that are currently operational in the country. While most of Nissan’s activity in Mexico is export related, it currently produces small, sub-compact models for domestic consumption. Vehicles in this category include the Micra and the Tilda models. In recent years, Nissan Mexico has been one of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment in the the nation’s automotive sector.

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