As a result of improvements to the Port of Ensenada infrastructure, facility administrators expect have the capacity to service 90% of the world’s commercial fleet.

Officials at the Port of Ensenada will soon be in possession of a new piece of equipment that was manufactured in China by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, Co. LTD. The item that will enhance Port of Ensenada infrastructure will come in the form of an advanced technology dock crane that Zhenhua Heavy Industries produced during a period of one year. The cost of the investment in advanced equipment to the Ensenada International Terminal (EIT) was an outlay of US $10 million. It is expected that the crane will arrive at the Port on November 13, 2015.

Bigger and Heavier

According to Port of Ensenada officials the dock crane possesses the most technologically advanced electronic and mechanical controls, and will expand the facility’s capability by allowing it to receive container ships that it otherwise would not have the ability to service. In terms of present crane capacity, Port of Ensenada infrastructure consists of access to equipment that weighs 660 tons, and has a cargo lifting capacity of 40 tons. Use of this crane gives the Port of Ensenada the capability to receive ships with a maximum capacity of nine thousand TEUs, or Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units, and seventeen rows of shipping containers. In contrast the new Port of Ensenada infrastructure weighs in at 1,400 tons, will be able to lift 65 tons and will be able to service ships with a maximum capacity of 14,500 TEUs. This upgrade gives Ensenada the capability to provide service to 90% of the maritime cargo transports in the global fleet, and comes at a point in time of ever increasing trade flows between the Far East and Pacific Basin countries, in general.

Further Port of Ensenada infrastructure improvements

In addition to the installation of the new, heavy-duty and state-of-the art dock crane. The Port of Ensenada is taking further measures to improve its ability to service international trade. It has recently made an investment of approximately US $700 million for the purpose of fortifying its breakwaters, as well as for implementing enhanced security measures in its cargo storage area.  These further improvements will result in the enhance economic competitiveness of the State of Baja California.

Ensenada is a deep-water Pacific port that can be reached in ninety minutes by automobile from the US border crossing at San Diego, California. In addition to an increasing volume of manufactured goods, the Port of Ensenada infrastructure handles tons of mineral bulk. The Port handles tourist traffic as well as commercial cargo conveyances.