In addition to a host of complementary offerings, Tecma Group client company, Amcor Service Solutions, undertakes repair and refurbishment in Mexico that reflects its twenty-eight year obsession with quality.

As a supporter of the Hecho en Mexico, or the Made in Mexico, label, the Tecma Group of Companies is a leading provider of shelter services in Mexico whose activities support a wide diversity of manufacturing operations producing their wares south of the border in the Mexican maquiladora industry. Among Tecma’s clientele is the Pompton Lakes, New Jersey-based Amcor Service Solutions.

Amcor’s beginnings dates back to its formation in 1986 by co-founders Rich Guglielmo and Tom St. John. In addition to the company headquarters in New Jersey, Amcor Service Solutions has a nearshore, quick turnaround repair and refurbishment in Mexico operation that is supported by a distribution center that is located in El Paso, Texas, which sits across the border from one of North America’s most active manufacturing centers, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Given the obsession with quality that the company has evidenced since its inception, Amcor possesses ISO 9001:2008 certification, as well as is a practitioner of Lean Six Sigma Program principles. The repair and refurbishment in Mexico that Amcor Service Solutions engages in for its broad customer base includes:

  • PCB and Electro-Mechanical Repair
  • Point of Service Repair (POS) with a focus on retail, cinemas, gaming establishment and transportation enterprises

The company also offers specialty services that entail the repair and refurbishment in Mexico of commercial kiosk and self-checkout equipment.

Beyond repair and refurbishment in Mexico of equipment in its entirety, Amcor Service Solutions serves its customers with:

  • Depot repair in Mexico at the component level, while offering diverse product support;
  • Warranty tracking built on a web-based feedback system;
  • Repair expertise that addresses printers (both thermal and laser), scanners, POS systems, touch screens, cash handling equipment and consumer electronics.

In additon to repair and refurbishment in Mexico, Amcor also has the capability to design custom packaging that ensures that items can be returned for service without being damaged, as well as create custom labeling that carries both simple and advanced exchange instructions.

Amcor Service Solutions also offers its customers quality obsessed service in the:

  • Management and planning of inventory;
  • Development of custom websites that are utilized for order entry and the collection of performance analytics, as well as for the generation of specialized reports;
  • Shipment of goods to and from its repair and refurbishment in Mexico site, as well as to other customer specified locations.

In order to learn more about the full range of Amcor Service Solutions offerings, download the pdf file presentation by clicking on the link found below:

Amcor Service Solutions offers repair and refurbishment in Mexico, and more…