A second Mexican manufacturing plant has been opened in the state of Queretaro by a producer of protective packaging that is paper-based. This facility will enable Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based Hexacomb Corporation to serve its growing client base in Mexico’s increasingly industrialized central region.

The leadership of the Hexacomb made the decision open the plant due to a sizable growth in demand for the company’s products. The firm located its first Mexican manufacturing plant in the Northern Mexico industrial city of Monterrey.

With the expansion of industry in central Mexico, demand for Hexacomb product has reached a critical mass. The company will be offering the same honeycomb packaging products in the mid-section of the country to Mexico manufacturers as it does up North. Over the last several of years, Central Mexico has seen significant growth in the automotive, aerospace, appliance an food and beverage industries

Among the products that will be available are: edge, sheets, runners and corner protectors. According to the president of the company, Scott Daniel, Hexacomb products have enabled companies of varying sizes, from large multi-nationals to smaller firms, to lower their packaging costs.

Companies that are concerned with environmental issues, and are looking to improve their performance while taking such matters into consideration, are aware of the sustainability of the Hexacomb product. The companies product line offers an option to companies that prefer not to use petroleum-based products. Hexacomb Corporation produces its packaging materials at both of its Mexican manufacturing plants by using recyclable wood fibers.

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