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Johnson Controls will move manufacture of refrigeration equipment to Mexico

U.S.-based corporation, Johnson Controls, announced earlier this week that company will restructure a portion of its operations through a decision to partially move the manufacture of refrigeration equipment to Mexico. The shift in production will be from the company’s Waynesboro, Pennsylvania plant to one of its Mexican facilities located in the country’s major Northern industrial hub, the City of Monterrey, in the State of Nuevo Leon. The production move to Monterrey will create two hundred new manufacturing positions in that city.

Representatives of Johnson Controls expressed that motors and compressors were among the items that would be included in the move of the manufacture of refrigeration equipment to Mexico. The purpose of the action on the company’s part is to continue its efforts to better serve its cients, as well as “increase competitiveness and better attend to challenging market conditions.” These thoughts were expressed through an email statement issued by, Kari B. Pfisterer. Pfisterer is the manager of global public relations for Johnson Controls.

Pfisterer went on to explain that the decision to move the manufacture of refrigeration equipment to Mexico was made after consulting with the company’s union. The two sides were unable to come up with an alternate solutions to the challenges facing the company.

Johson Controls was founded in 1885 by Warren Johnson, and has its worldwide headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today the company has operations in one hundred and fifty countries, and employs a worldwide total of 170,000 employees. In 2012, Johnson Controls registered cumulative global revenues of forty-two billion dollars.
The company has Mexican manufacturing facilities in Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Torreon and Villahermosa, Tobasco

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