Senior Business Development Manager

Jose Hernandez

Jose helps companies establish manufacturing facilities in Tijuana.

Jose Hernandez joined Tecma in 2017 to help companies establish manufacturing facilities in Tijuana. He has worked with over eighty companies to understand how to set up their manufacturing operations in Mexico. Knowledgeable about how to navigate manufacturing programs in Mexico, reduce duties and taxes to operate comparable like a free trade zone, Jose has been a valuable addition to the Tecma Group of companies.

Jose guides new companies through what some believe to be the difficulties of doing business in Mexico while solving issues dealing with customs, human resources, environmental health and safety, and specialty site selection.

Before joining Tecma, Jose was a Business Development Manager with a prestigious Industrial Construction contractor in Mexico. He established strong relationships with industrial developers, industrial brokers, State, Local Government and Associations that assist Tecma clients today.

As part of his community service, he is Vice-President of the Tijuana EDC, A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment in Tijuana.

Tecma’s services are flexible, in that they can be configured to meet individual client needs, as well as to accommodate manufacturers of all sizes.