Executive Vice President of Human Resources

Toby Spoon

Mexico shelter company executive vice president, Toby Spoon, benefitted from early international experience.

Toby M. Spoon, is the Tecma Group of Companies’ Mexico shelter company’s executive vice president.

He received his college education in human resource management and in theology. Yet, his experience as a youth provided him with valuable advantages in the international arena. Toby grew up in a “bi-cultural” environment, living in Central America for many years. Both of his parents were American missionaries He returned to the United States for his formal education and possesses a total command of both English and Spanish. He also reads and converses in Portuguese and Italian.

One key achievement in Toby’s working life has been in inspiring others to improve their lives through cooperation, self-motivation and ethical behavior. A testimony to his skill and effort as Tecma’s Mexico shelter company’s executive vice president is the less than 2% monthly employee turnover rate at the organization’s facilities in several cities.

Toby, an ordained minister, has coordinated 600 volunteers in 7 countries and has served as Associate Pastor to the 10,000 member Calvary Temple in Denver, Colorado.

Among the skill sets that Toby Spoon puts to use as Tecma’s Mexico shelter company vice president, and as president of one of Tecma’s sister companies, Secure Origins, Inc., are:

  • Professional human resource expertise and experience
  • Alliance-building aptitude and global association building skill
  • Recruitment, screening, and orientation experience
  • Training program expertise
  • Morale and team-building, and social program execution abilities
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Labor negotiations experience
  • Safety and health compliance policies knowledge
  • Employee and labor relations management expertise

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