January 15, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Omega Trucking has joined The Tecma Group of Companies. The acquisition, effective January 1, 2021, doubles the capacity for Tecma and increases the group’s capabilities based out of Santa Teresa, NM.

The Omega Flatbed operations will be merged into Tecma’s Transportation Services Division, providing a diversified and dynamic presence across the U.S. / Mexico Border. 

Tecma is committed to ensuring the Omega clients will continue to see the superior service as an industry-leading provider of Cross Border and Door-to-Door Trucking Services. 

Miriam Baca Kotkowski, a co-founder of Omega Trucking, is staying on as President of Tecma Transportation Services. “Miriam’s experience and excellent leadership in the cross-border trucking industry is a driving reason for this merger,” says Alan Russell, CEO of the Tecma Group of Companies.

More About Omega Trucking

Omega Trucking, founded in 1998, evolved from market demand for dedicated, dependable, international Door-To-Door freight with Just-In-Time delivery. Omega has more than 22 years of experience providing international transportation focusing on the niche and highly specialized flatbed category.

Omega Trucking, Inc. has a strategic location in Santa Teresa, New Mexico neighboring the regional Land Port of Entry of Santa Teresa, New Mexico, where our customers can utilize the overweight commercial zone.  Omega also has a location in McAllen, Texas. Omega delivers goods in and between the United States and Mexico without transloading and is committed to its customers with the utmost personal, secure, and professional service. Omega’s niche flatbed, oversized, and overweight operations expand Tecma’s capabilities.  Additionally, Omega’s U.S. base of operations and U.S. drivers provide door-to-door opportunities for our clients.  Management believes that Omega’s 31 U.S. employees will remain in the merged company.  It will be all hands on deck as the Group expands across the U.S. and Mexico Border. The projection is that the merger between Tecma Transportation Services and Omega will move up to 40,000 cross border operations during 2021.

More About Tecma Transportation Services

In 2010 The Tecma Group formed its Transportation Division specializing in Cross Border van service supplying raw materials to and finished goods from its operating plants in Juarez. Tecma Transportation, based on the Mexico side, operates with approximately 53 employees, includes the warehouse operations in El Paso, Tijuana, and McAllen. Operations have now expanded throughout the border to Tijuana / San Diego and destinations within Mexico’s interior. The transportation division has developed into a world-class operation known for superior service in the Maquila Supply Chain. In the past, Tecma Transportation only handled Tecma Plant operations.  This changes with Omega Trucking, providing services for other companies and door-to-door services from Mexico to the U.S. destinations.  After the merger is complete, Tecma Transportation will be located in the current Omega Trucking offices in Santa Teresa. 

More About The Tecma Group

The Tecma Group of Companies was founded in 1986 to help companies foreign to Mexico set up manufacturing operations in Mexico. Tecma operates in approximately 65 plants across the border in Juarez and Tijuana, with additional plants in Torreon, Leon, and the Monterey area.  Thirty-three plants are in Cd Juarez.  Tecma specializes in providing a service package that includes all support elements needed for businesses to operate in Mexico. These include human resources, accounting, regulatory compliance, customs, transportation, etc. Tecma’s Shelter Services allow clients to concentrate on their core manufacturing functions while Tecma takes responsibility for everything else. “Setting up a new operation in Mexico using Tecma Shelter Services is no more complicated than setting up a new operation just across town.” Mark Earley, President of The Tecma Group of Companies.

If you are interested in learning how TTS may be able to help you, please contact:

Miriam Baca Kotkowski at:  Miriam@Tecma.com