Transportation security in Mexico, or for that matter, in any countries in which manufacturing have production operations is an issue of significant concern. In Mexico, again as there is in other nations within whose borders business is conducted, there are recommended practices for optimizing the security of valuable shipments of products and commodities.

Transportation security in Mexico can be strengthen by making certain to take the following measures as a manufacturer/shipper to choose international shipping partners:


Conduct a thorough vetting of the Mexican customs broker that is chosen as a partner with whom to work in this critical area. When making the choice of whom to conduct Mexican customs business with, manufacturers should perform vigorous due diligence in order to scrutinized the established track record of the firm(s) under consideration. Also, for the sake of continuity and ease of doing business, manufacturers should give preference to customs brokerages that maintain offices on both sides of the US-Mexico border.


A similar process of reference checking should be used to validate the reputation and reliability of any transportation provider(s) under consideration. Reference checks, again, are an absolute

In additon, when considering which transportation service provider(s) with whom to conduct business, companies can be sure to optimize their transportation security in Mexico by sure that their chosen carrier:

  • has a fleet of well-maintained transportation equipment; owns and operates sufficient equipment to take care of the needs of all of the entirety of the firm’s customer base;
  • has installed satellite tracking equipment;
  • operates on the basis of pre-planned routes in order to ensure that shipments are not delayed and do not deviate from their established course.

In order to optimize transportation security in Mexico, it is also of paramount importance that the carrier or carriers that are chosen have thoroughly vetted the drivers of their conveyances.  This vetting process includes a verification of:

  • identities and safety records;
  • criminal priors;
  • past employment;
  • financial status

Taking measures to scrutinize carriers’ drivers is fundamentally important for the assurance of security due to the important role that they play in moving cargo from Mexico to the United States.

With respect to optimizing transportation security in Mexico, it is also advisable that potential customers make the effort to examine the operational practices of potential services providers.  How transportation providers ensure security of their clients’ shipments is of tantamount importance. Standard operating procedures of a chosen transportation company or companies should include:

  • the use of a “team driving” approach when appropriate;
  • the implementation of a “minimal stops” policy;
  • the provision of security escorts for high value shipments;
  • the use of a company independent of the transportation provider for security services;
  • the organization of convoys for shipping purposes if circumstances and shipment volumes permit;
  • the transit of safer and better maintained toll roads when possible;
  • the establishment of stops along shipping routes at which drivers check in either through GPS or voice contact;
  • the provision of secure warehouse facilities for the receipt of goods at shipments’destination.

In  addition to these measures that companies can take to optimize transportation security in Mexico, parties with with questions, or that are seeking further information, are invited to contact Tecma’s Team of Mexico professionals.