Aerospace Engineering in Mexico Advances with the recent AIAA award being granted to UABC Aerospace Engineering.

We just received this announcement about aerospace engineering in Mexico advances by the AIAA Student Branch Charter being granted to UABC Aerospace Engineering.

To all the aerospace community in Mexico and abroad

The prestigious American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has approved on January 13th 2017 the Student Branch Charter at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in Mexico.

We congratulate the Student Branch Chair, Miss Christian Sanchez and her Student Board Council at UABC-Valle de las Palmas Campus, for this outstanding achievement.

AIAA is a professional society for the field of aerospace engineering founded in 1963. AIAA is the U.S. representative on the International Astronautic Federation and the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences.

This UABC Student Branch Charter will take advantage of AIAA programs which include student paper conferences, design competitions, scholarships and graduate awards, while actively engage in international initiatives.

We want to thank the following persons that actively participated with a Bi-National spirit to make this possible.

  • Irving Hernandez, Former Chair, AIAA Student Branch Charter, San Diego State University (SDSU),
  • Remedios Gomez Arnau, Former Mexican Consul General in San Diego and her professional staff
  • Juan Antonio Paz, Coordinator, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, UABC-Valle de las Palmas Campus
  • Martin Diaz de Leon, Legal Aerospace Expert, Legal Counselor-Cluster Aeroespacial de Baja California AC

For additional information, membership and activities of AIAA-UABC, please contact Miss Christian Sanchez at

Best regards

Tomas Sibaja
Presidente Ejecutivo
Cluster Aeroespacial de Baja California, AC

Cel Mx +52 1664 1841741

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