Identifiable traits make customs brokers in Mexico indispensible partners in trade

According to Mexico’s National Customs Brokers Association (CAAAREM), customs brokers in Mexico make a valuable contribution to the development of the national economy, as well as to increasing its competitiveness on the world’s commercial stage. In addition to playing a fundamentally important role related to their principal function as individuals that facilitate the import of goods into Mexico, as well as the export of items out of Mexico, the nation’s customs brokers also should be recognized for the value that four traits bring to international trade transactions.

CAAAREM has identified four qualities that companies doing international business in south of the US border should take into consideration when examining the option of using customs brokers in Mexico:

Preparedness – A licensed Mexican customs broker is fully prepared to transact international trade. In addition to being a Mexican national, to join the ranks of customs brokers in Mexico individuals must have:

  • a professional degree or certification in the subject matter;
  • more than three years of experience working in customs related activities;
  • demonstrable proof that he or she is listed in the National Tax Payers Register (Registro Federal de Contribuyentes);
  • pass an examination given by Mexican Customs authorities that demonstrates competency both in issues of practical knowledge and psychological make up.

Efficiency – Customs brokers in Mexico play a critical role in enhancing international trade efficiency. Members of CAAAREM are the best equipped to provide an immediate value-add for the companies that they serve due the depth of their knowledge of Mexican Customs rules and regulation. Their expertise in this area enables them to reduce costs for international businesses by limiting their exposure to fines and any tariffs that may apply.

Well equipped – In addition to assisting companies as a result of an in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of importing into and exporting from the country, customs brokers in Mexico typically have a ready made infrastructure in place to deal with logistics and transportation, insurance and various legal issues that may be pertinent to international trade transactions, as well

Protective – the role of customs brokers in Mexico in safeguarding the country, as a whole, as well as protecting consumers, as individuals, is significant. Customs brokers in Mexico are thoroughly prepared with the knowledge, and possess the expertise, to make sure that both individual consumers and the country at large are protected from the erroneous or illegal importation of items and/or substances that may have adverse effects on public health or on the country’s environment.

Mexico’s Confederacion de Asociaciones de Agentes Aduanales de la Republica Mexicana (CAAAREM) supports licensed customs brokers in Mexico by providing them with:

  • information technology systems that link them directly to Mexican Customs;
  • communications equipment;
  • warehouses for storing and inspecting merchandise;
  • wrapping and labeling equipment;
  • access to the most complete international trade database in Mexico, which enables them to be up-to-date in their knowledge of the market and its conditions.