Any business that is healthy and satisfies the needs of its customers recognizes that its main asset is its people. The Tecma Group of Companies is no different in this regard. The organization takes a proactive and serious approach to cultivating the talents of its staff for the better of the collective, as well as for the betterment of the individual.

Tecma takes this approach on a group, and on an individual basis.

This past September, a group of twenty-eight individuals, many of whom labor for Tecma Group client companies, were able to finish both elementary and secondary studies as a result of their participation in the Supérate Tecma program. Supérate supports Tecma Group employees in their pursuit of completing studies that will ensure their acquisition of a solid educational foundation.

Tecma also develops human resources in Mexico on an individual level. A recent success story was the passage of the examinations required to become a licensed Mexican customs broker, by Ms. Carmen Ramirez Juarez. The Tecma Group of Companies supported her in her efforts throughout the licensing process.

Carmen is originally from Mexico City, and is the fourth of a family of five children. She is the first member of her family to have obtained a university degree. Her diploma is in Customs Administration.

Family circumstances resulted in her joining the Ciudad Juarez workforce at age sixteen.  Since beginning her labors as a wire harness component assembler, she progressively and consistently demonstrated the intelligence and work ethic required for self-advancement. In a disciplined manner, she rose to positions in the area of quality auditing and Mexican payroll preparation. Eventually Ms. Ramirez became the assistant to the general manager at the company at which she was employed prior to joining the Tecma Group of Companies in 2008.

Earlier this year, after having worked in the area of Customs at Tecma for some time, Ms. Ramirez made the disciplined effort to study to take the examination to become a licensed Mexican customs broker. After several months, and two rounds of examinations, she was one of only two of the fifteen candidates that passed the tests that were administered by Mexico’s Servicio de Administracion Tributaria, (the country’s taxation authority), or SAT, on July 26, 2013. In September Carmen was notified of her success in achieving her goal of becoming a licensed Mexican customs broker.

Carmen joins Lic. David Romo as Tecma’s second in-house broker.  Both Carmen and David provide the services required to do both temporary and permanent importation of raw materials, machinery and equipment into Mexico. They also manage and execute the process that is related to the exportation of finished goods by the myriad of companies that manufacture under Tecma’s Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP).

Taking a proactive approach to developing human resources in Mexico has been a win all around for Carmen Ramirez, the others that Tecma supports on an ongoing basis in their pursuit of academic and professional achievement, Tecma clients and the Tecma Group of Companies itself.