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MC Electronics Manufactures in Mexico with the Tecma Group of Companies

MC Electronics Manufactures in Mexico with the Tecma Group of Companies

Shawn Thompson
President and CEO
MC Electronics

Hello. My name is Shawn Thompson, president and CEO of MC Electronics. We have been a contract manufacturer for over thirty years specializing in cable assemblies, wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies. We have been providing complex, mission critical solutions to the medical, robotics, security and industrial marketplace.

As MC Electronics made the decision to open another manufacturing facility in Juarez, Mexico, we really wanted to partner with somebody that could help us along the way. We needed somebody that knew the import and export laws, that had a reputation in the marketplace and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Tecma. They have been down here as a shelter company in Ciudad Juarez for over 28 years. They have multiple facilities, and a number of different clients that spoke very highly of them. They really helped us with site selection, as we began our move down here. They also understood our needs from a workforce and a skills perspective.

As we rolled into our manufacturing, and things started to ramp up, they were also there to help us with materials, suppliers and logistics. I can definitely say that over the course of the last six years that we have been down here, MC Electronics probably would not be as far along as we are without Tecma’s help. I would strongly recommend them to anybody that is looking to relocate their manufacturing, and that needs a partner like Tecma to help them along the way.

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