Continued industry growth is anticipated as the Mexican Aerospace Center readies itself to open its doors.

Construction has begun on the first Mexican Aerospace Center, a state-of-the-art research facility in Queretaro within the polygon of the Queretaro’s Intercontinental Airport (AIQ). The National Center of Aerospace Technologies (CNTA) is scheduled to open its doors in early 2016. The Center will conduct advanced research projects aimed at delivering new technology for the purpose of enhancing the global competitiveness of the aerospace sector in Mexico.

To date, US $10 million in government funds have been allocated for the whole of the construction. The facility will consist of two buildings. One will house a research laboratory area and administrative offices, while a second will contain lab equipment and a personnel training space.

The Center for Engineering and Industrial Development, CIDESI, accepted the task of executing of the Mexican Aerospace Center project, and is responsible for training the personnel that will be permitted to participate in CNTA research projects. CIDESI is part of a System of Research Centers managed by the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology, CONACYT, and has received lSO-9001:2008 certification. It is also the first CONACYT research center to be certified under the AS-9100 C aerospace industry quality standard.

The National Center of Aerospace Technologies (CNTA) is intended to become a CONACYT research center, as well, in order to support Mexico’s rapidly expanding aerospace sector. The Mexican Aerospace Center is being built around national industry needs. As such, the Center is teaming up with the world’s largest aerospace companies with a regional and national Mexican presence to conduct advanced research projects aimed at furthering the capacity and sophistication of the national industry. Private funding will be encouraged, solicited and allowed for basic research and applied R&D in order to identify future trends, create prototypes for the purpose of helping partnering aerospace companies in Mexico to stay at the forefront of the new an developing technologies.

Mexican Aerospace Center lab building will house a variety of research areas. These include: composite materials testing and design areas and metallic materials testing rooms, for instance.

The aerospace industry in Mexico is becoming more complex with respect to the industrial processes and the supply chain that it employs. Given the sectors rapid development specific institutions such as the Mexican Aerospace Center are required to support the needs of a growing industry. Foreign direct investment in the Mexican aerospace sector has risen steadily during the last five years, and is projected to hit $1.4 billion by the end of the present calendar year. The states of Querétaro, Baja California Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon and Sonora make up the majority of aerospace production
that transpires under the Mexico Maquiladora Program, or IMMEX.