The stature of Mexican aerospace production continues to grow in global markets.

At the beginning of this month, Mexico Now magazine hosted its annual Mexico Aerospace Industry Summit in the city in which one of the country’s preeminent aerospace clusters is located. In early September in Queretaro, one of the principal speakers at the event, Benito Gritzewsky, revealed that as of this month, Mexican aerospace production is the result of manufacturing operations performed by the forty-thousand direct labor workers that are employed in the nation’s aviation industry sector. Gritzewsky is the president of the Mexican Aerospace Industry Federation, which is commonly known by its Spanish language acronym, FEMIA. Furthermore, it is the organization’s leader’s opinion that increased Mexican aerospace production will be the result of the industry growing to employ over one hundred thousand employees over the next six calendar years.

Benito Gritzewsky further referenced information that evidenced that Mexican aerospace production enjoyed growth, that between 2004 and 2014, ran at a yearly rate of seventeen percent. During this period the companies that accounted for Mexican aerospace production, design, maintenance and product distribution grew to consist of three hundred and twenty firms. Of this number, thirty percent consist of exclusively Mexican capital. On the production side of the ledger, items manufactured for the industry in Mexico range from simple wire harness assemblies, to electronics and electronics components all the way to complex turbines and precision machined parts for jet engines.

FEMIA’s top executive predicts that total Mexican aerospace production will be the result of work done by the fifty-two thousand individuals that are projected to be employed in the country’s industry by the end of 2015. While Mexican aerospace exports are expected to total approximately US $7.5 billion dollars this year, industry analysts maintain that from the end of 2015 until the close of 2020 Mexican aerospace production for export could reach the US $12 billion dollar level.

To learn more about FEMIA, visit the organization’s’ website. Mexican Aerospace Industry Federation is an organization that is comprised of private sector company members that are distributed across eleven Mexican states. Information about the Mexico Now’s Mexico Aerospace Industry Summit 2016 is already available on the World Wide Web.