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Guanajuato moves to become a stronger player in the Mexican aerospace manufacturing market

Guanajuato moves to become a stronger player in the Mexican aerospace manufacturing market

Over the years, Mexico has become a formidable presence in the global aerospace supply chain. Since 2004, the Mexican aerospace manufacturing market has grown at a double-digit pace.

Mexico’s major aerospace clusters are located in the Tijuana-Mexicali border region, the capital city of Mexican State of Chihuahua of the same name, the South Central city of Queretaro, the Western State of Sonora and Monterrey, the capital of the State of Nuevo Leon. Although these are the principal areas where aerospace manufacturing in Mexico is taking place, production for the industry can be found in sixteen of Mexico’s thirty-one states. Now the State of Guanajuato is vying to stake out a prominent position in the Mexican aerospace manufacturing market, as well.

Recently the governor of the state, which is primarily known for its significant base of automotive industry OEMs, recently announced that construction of a new Mexican aerospace industrial park will begin in the city of Silao in the State of Guanajuato during the month of April 2016. The new “Sky Plus” park will be located in an area consisting of one hundred and ninety-eight acres in the city’s Puerto Interior.

During the announcement of the initiation of the construction of the new Mexican aerospace manufacturing park, Governor Miguel Martinez, voiced the expectation that his state will replicate the great success in this important sector that it has achieved in the area of automotive manufacturing. Some projections contend that Guanajuato will lead the nation in the production of light and passenger vehicles by 2020.

The Guanajuato Puerto Interior, or Guanajuato Interior Port, is adjacent to the International Airport of the Bajio. In addition to being another site at which theMexican aerospace market will produce parts for the industry, Sky Plus will also be a location at which MRO operations for helicopters and private and commercial jetliners will take place in the near future.

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