During the first week of this past December, Mexico Now magazine organized and hosted its Auto Industry Conference in the captital city of the State of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. Puebla is best known among auto industry professionals in Mexico, and globally, for the long and close ties that have developed between the city and state, and German automotive manufacturers.

The first passenger vehicle that rolled of Volkswagen production lines in Puebla was the Beetle. This occured in mid-1968. Since that time the presence of the German automotive industry in Puebla, and Mexico, has grown steadily. Last year Volkswagen announced that it would build its next generation Golf in Puebla, and in 2012, Audi, which is owned by Volkswagen chose San Jose Chiapa, Puebla to be the site of its first Latin American production facility. Production of its AQ5 model is slated to begin in 2016. Because of its long history of connection to the industry, Mexico auto industry logistics are very developed in the state.

The presentation made at Mexico Now’s Auto Industry Conference that is linked to below was made by Rafael McCadden. Mr. McCadden is the Director of Industrial and Logistics for Colliers International. He is based in Mexico City.

McCadden’s presentation takes a broad look at Mexico auto industry logistics infrastructure. It includes comparative information on Mexico’s port capacity, container transportation times and prices to North America from alternative low-cost country ports, as well as information on Mexico’s railway and multimodal infrastructure.

The presentation also provides valuable graphics that depict OEM locations, those of major suppliers as well as other information pertinent to those with an active interest in Mexico auto industry logistics.


Mexico’s Auto Industry Logistics