At a recent Supply Chain Summit gathering organized by MexicoNow Magazine, Erik Markeset, the president of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Roundtable Mexico, spoke on the topic of “Logistics and Supply Chain in Mexican Industry.”

In addition to acknowledging important problematic issues such as the waning violence that Mexico has experienced in recent years, Markeset pointed out in his presentation that, today, Mexico is home to first class industrial operations that make the existence of a top tier supply chain in Mexican industry an absolute necessity.

As the gateway to one of the world’s most active and vibrant consumer markets, Markeset went on to state that, due to the “atmosphere of agreement” that has be promulgated within the Mexican political establishment by president Enrique Peña Nieto and the countries major political parties, now is the optimal time for companies to consider establishing and maintaining manufacturing operations in Mexico.

Erik Markeset’s presentation backs up this assertion by providing a wide range of economic indicators that demonstrate Mexico’s economic stability when viewed through the lens of GDP growth numbers, inflation figures, as well as economic data providing information of the size and depth of Mexico’s economically active population (EAI). Markeset’s MexicoNow presentation is also replete with graphics and data that compare Mexico’s economy to other developed and developing nations such as Canada, Korea, and China, as well as Turkey, Brazil, India and Russia.

The supply chain in Mexican industry is particularly important given the strong role that Mexico plays as a consumer of U.S. goods. According to data presented at the MexicoNow Supply Chain Summit, during the time period January – May 2011, close to fifty-one percent of goods imported by Mexico had the origin in the USA. The presentation by the president of Roundtable Mexico of the CSCMP also provides detailed data on Mexican trade flows by region and by mode of transportation.

Additionally, in discussing supply chain in Mexican industry, Mr. Markeset made extensive reference to AlixPartners’ study on executive attitudes toward establishing and maintaining operations in Mexico.
Access the MexicoNow presentation made by Erik Markeset, president of the Council of Supply Chain Professionals Roundtable Mexico, below:

Logistics and Supply Chain in Mexican Industry