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Mexico manufacturing experts give on-line advice

Mexico manufacturing experts give on-line advice

In addition to containing a wealth of information that is necessary to begin the process of researching the option of initiating Mexico manufacturing operations, The Tecma Group of Companies’ recently launched a website provides detailed advice and data on a myriad of topics related to starting up and maintaining manufacturing operations in Mexico. The information is posted and delivered in text, audio and video format.

Visitors to the site’s “Videos” section can view and listen to several Mexico manufacturing experts provide expert advice on topics such as the “Costs related to importing into Mexico,” “How to begin to manufacture in he maquiladora industry under the IMMEX program,” “How to best establish a relationship with Mexican Customs,” as well as a number of other germane topics that are of importance to ranking executives exploring the alternative of Mexico manufacturing as a means to increase their firms’ global competitiveness.

Interested parties that wish to receive all Mexico manufacturing related content that is produced and disseminated by the Tecma Group of Companies on and through  its website can do so by either signing up for or bookmarking the Tecma’s RSS Feed.

The Tecma Group of Companies, Inc., headquartered in El Paso, Texas provides services that have enabled companies from a wide range of industries to establish and maintain production facilities in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for almost three decades. Under its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP) manufacturers control and focus on their core manufacturing functions, while Tecma tends to their human resource, payroll, accounting, logistics, and other activities that, although important, are not part of the manufacturing process.

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