The El Paso, Texas-based Tecma Group of Companies is one of the leading providers of manufacturing support, commonly known as “shelter” services,”in Mexico.

The company was recognized on March 26, 2015 in Mexico City by the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Mexico organization at a ceremony held at Expo Bancomer for the quality of the environment that it has developed for its more than 4000 employees.

Beyond being recognized as one of the most favorable places in Mexico to be employed,  the Tecma Group received further accolades from GTPW by being named as one of the Top 100 places to work in Mexico in the category of businesses that employ between 500-1000 individuals.



Other companies included on the prestigious list include: Plantronics, Alcoa, Microsoft, JW Marriott, Walmart de Mexico and Alcoa. Great Place to Work® evaluates the companies that apply for its recognition by examining overall corporate culture through the implementation of in-depth employee surveys and interviews.

According to Tecma’s president and CEO, Alan Russell, “Recognition from the Great Place to Work® organization is a testament to the quality of the people that Tecma employs. From top management down, trust, respect and honesty govern working relations between all the members of the Tecma Group family. We take great pains, and place a high level of importance on creating an environment that is conducive to employee satisfaction and retention.”

About The Great Place to Work® Institute:

For over twenty-five years A Great Place to Work has studied companies that provide a superior environment for their personnel all over the world. These are companies at which employees trust their managers, and give their best work freely so that their extra effort goes right to the company’s bottom line. Additionally they are companies at which managers trust their employees, and allow innovative ideas to bubble up from all levels of the company. The Great Place to Work® Institute, has spent more than two decades tracking innovative and accomplished leaders and learning from their successes. By surveying millions of employees and studying thousands of businesses, The Great Place to Work® Institute has created a model for building performance based on trust.

About the Tecma Group of Companies:

The Tecma Group of Companies, Inc., headquartered in El Paso, Texas provides services that have enabled firms from a wide range of industries to establish and maintain manufacturing in Mexico operations for almost three decades. Under its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP) companies control and focus on their core, value-added functions, while Tecma tends to their human resource, payroll, accounting, logistics, and other needs that, although important, are not part of the manufacturing process.