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Mexico supply chain security tightened by the Tecma Group of Companies

El Paso, Texas, April 2, 2013 – Tecma Transportation Services (TTS), a member of the Tecma Group of Companies, has taken steps to meet and exceed the safety standards required to move shipments of the manufacturing clients that it serves in their cross border trade activities between the United States and Mexico. Efforts to do so have been driven by the Mexico supply chain safety, integrity and security concerns that are of paramount importance to the international trade community in both the U.S. and its NAFTA partner country.

In addition to being certified by Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency under its Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, or C-TPAT, program, TTS has also recently received Mexico supply chain security certification from the Business Coalition for Free Trade. This private organization is also known by its Spanish acronym, CELC.

In order to receive C-TPAT recognition, companies must demonstrate that systems and facilities have been put into place that ensure procedural and physical security, as well as controlled access to facilities and conveyances that are utilized in the international transit of goods. C-TPAT also requires that companies involved in international trade exercise personnel security by screening employees that handle and move shipments that move through the Mexico supply chain.

CELC certification incorporates the requirements C-TPAT, but also contains elements of ISO 14001 (environmental) and OSHA 18001 (safety) in its audits.

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