In a joint effort, the management of the Tecma Group’s human resources personnel, as well as the company’s medical staff, recently completed its company-wide annual program to promote maquiladora worker health from November 3 – November 14, 2014. Tecma’s medical personnel was led by Dr. Gustavo Villegas. With support rendered by employees of Mexico’s Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Ciudad Juarez, Dr. Villegas and the Tecma team delivered preventive medical services aimed at maintaining maquiladora worker health to the individuals that labor for Tecma Group clients under its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP).

Indispensable support in this yearly effort was provided by Ms. Adriana M. Tamez, who leads nursing operations for Mexican Social Security (IMSS) in Ciudad Juarez. Ms. Tamez’s and her team made the following diagnostic test and services available to Tecma’s four thousand plus employees:

  • cholesterol and glucose examinations
  • blood pressure checks
  • pap smears
  • breast examinations
  • vaccinations for the prevention of flu and tetanus
maquiladora workers health
L to R: Dr. G. Villegas, S. Rivera, K. Becerra, A. Medina

Although preventive maquiladora worker health services were provided to all that requested them, the medical staff of Tecma and IMSS gave first priority to the elderly, to expectant mothers, as well as to those with a history of heart disease.

According to the Tecma Group’s head of human resources, Abraham Medina, “We consider the delivery of annual preventive health services to be one of the most important things that Tecma does as a company. We fully understand that the health of the individual is the most important to the success of our individual workers, as well as to the collective success of our organization. We are greatful for the support that we receive in this yearly effort to promote maquiladora worker health from Mexico’s Institute of Social Security, and from the professionals that are the local face of that organization.”

A final accounting of examinations performed and services rendered revealed that Tecma workers were the recipients of:

  • Six hundred and eighty five cholesterol tests;
  • Eight hundred and sixty five blood sugar checks;
  • One thousand one hundred and eighty-four tetanus and flu vaccinations;
  • One thousand one hundred and forty-one blood pressure exams;
  • Two hundred and fifty-four breast examinations.