The new San Jeronimo Industrial Park will be in the Municipality of Ciudad Juarez.

On Monday, July 13, the City Council of Ciudad Juarez approved plans to move ahead with the development of the San Jeronimo Industrial Park. San Jerónimo is a port of entry in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It is situated across the U.S. border from Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and is a part of the municipality of Ciudad Juarez.

In this phase of its development, the San Jeronimo Industrial park will consist of fifteen buildings that will be constructed on two tracts of industrially-zoned land. The first parcel, which consists of an area of approximately 495,000 square feet, will hold some of the buildings that will be constructed. Six of the fifteen structures that were approved for the development by the Ciudad Juarez City Council will be erected upon an additional approximate 4.3 million square feet of land that is located within the specially designated “recinto fiscal,” or tax free zone, located San Jeronimo Industrial Park.

A recinto fiscal offers companies duty free flexibility

Within the buildings located within the confines of the recinto fiscal, companies and parties involved in international trade operations will be able to take custody of, as well as to conduct operations such as to store, exhibit, sell, produce or to repair merchandise without paying customs duties and/or tariffs. Mexican Customs will be present on-site in order to facilitate international trade transactions, as will be two international border crossings. The recinto fiscal will have access to rail transportation that is available at San Jeronimo, as well as a recently installed Mexican intermodal logistics facility.

The private Mexican firm that will be executing the development is the Corporacion Inmobiliaria San Jeronimo S. de RL. de C.V. It is owned by prominent local Mexican businessman Eloy Viana. As the land will not be receiving public funds, the owners of the San Jeronimo Industrial Park will be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the services going to the property, including: potable water, electrical power and security. Private funds will also be employed for the purpose of ongoing maintenance of roads within the development.

Santa Teresa, New Mexico is an important part of the region’s economy

The San Jeronimo Industrial Park is adjacent to Santa Teresa, New Mexico, which has experienced significant industrial development in recent years. According to the Mesilla Valley Economic Development Alliance website, Verde Corporate Realty Services has developed over 750 industrially-zoned acres in two parks. Also located in proximity to the San Jeronimo Industrial Park, in Santa Teresa, New Mexico is the Santa Teresa Logistics Park and the Bi-National Park at Santa Teresa. The latter consists of 230 acres of industrial land and is the beneficiary of a US Customs presence.

Beyond access to bi-national intermodal logistics facilities, the San Jeronimo Industrial Park provides a location in which border traffic and congestion is less concentrated than at the major ports of entry that link Ciudad Juarez to El Paso. Plans to build sufficient residential housing for future industrial park workers in proximity to the development, are in the works.