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Site Selection in Mexico: Best Practices for Choosing the Ideal Location

Site Selection

Mexico offers diverse opportunities for companies seeking to expand or establish manufacturing sites. However, selecting the right location for a business in Mexico is a critical decision that can impact a company’s operational efficiencies, costs, market reach, and overall operation success.

Nowadays, Mexico is attracting many new foreign companies willing to establish operations. Consequently, markets experiencing high demand often face a scarcity of available industrial space. A thorough analysis for selecting the optimal location is crucial for success, given that many companies in the same market must share resources and infrastructure. 

These are some of the best practices to guide you through the process of choosing the ideal manufacturing location for your business in Mexico:

Proximity to your Target Market

Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. market has always been a dominant factor in site selection strategies. Companies should assess the ease of access to their primary markets.

Skilled Labor Availability

A skilled workforce is paramount to the success of any operation. Industries that require specialized training should pinpoint regions known for their educational institutions and workforce development and apprenticeship programs. A close partnership with local universities can enhance talent acquisition and retention strategies. Also, labor costs, employment regulations, and union presence should be evaluated to gauge the overall labor environment.


A robust infrastructure is essential to any site selection decision. Evaluate the infrastructure and transportation networks in potential locations and consider factors such as proximity to major highways, ports, airports, and public transportation hubs. Access to reliable utilities like electricity, water, and internet connectivity is crucial for smooth business operations.

Regulatory Environment

Understanding and navigating the local regulatory environment is crucial. It includes zoning laws, environmental regulations, and any incentives or restrictions placed by local or federal government entities. Incorporating this assessment early in the site selection process can prevent unforeseen legal and financial complications. Also, ensure that the chosen location complies with all legal and regulatory standards relevant to your industry. Consider seeking guidance from legal experts or local authorities to navigate any bureaucratic obstacles effectively. Alternatively, explore partnership opportunities with organizations such as Tecma Group and its shelter program, which can facilitate compliance and expedite the launch of your operations more efficiently than going it alone.

Cost Considerations

Evaluate the overall cost of establishing and operating your business in different locations. Consider real estate prices, taxes, utilities, labor costs, and other operational expenses. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine the financial viability of each potential location. Moreover, research the potential state incentives offered to new companies.

Proximity to Suppliers and Customers

Consider the proximity of your chosen location to suppliers, distributors, and target customers. A strategic location that reduces transportation costs and enhances supply chain efficiency can provide a competitive advantage. Being close to your customer base can improve customer service and responsiveness.

Future Growth and Development

Anticipate future growth and development trends in the chosen location. Consider factors such as urbanization, infrastructure projects, and economic diversification initiatives that could impact the business environment. Choose a location with the potential for long-term sustainability and expansion.

Community Ties

Aligning with the local community’s culture and values is an often understated but critical aspect of site selection. This alignment facilitates smoother operations, improves local relations, and enhances brand reputation. Companies should thoroughly understand the social dynamics and community principles where they plan to establish operations. Your business will be part of the landscape of the community you choose, and a safe and vibrant community can attract both customers and employees, contributing to the long-term success of your operation.

By following best practices and conducting thorough due diligence, you can increase the likelihood of selecting a location that maximizes your business’s potential for success in the vibrant Mexican market. Seeking advice and successful case studies are also great resources for choosing the ideal location for your company in Mexico.

Partnering with a shelter service provider, such as Tecma Group of Companies, can help expedite and simplify the site selection process in Mexico. Our team of industry experts examines your specific market requirements to determine the best location for your operational needs. To explore the multiple benefits of partnering with Tecma during the site selection process, arrange a consultation with one of our dedicated industry experts.



Jose Grajeda

Chief Operating Officer


Jose Grajeda

Chief Operating Officer

Maquiladora operations expert, Jose A. Grajeda, is an integral member of the Tecma Group of Companies executive management staff.