environmental management in Mexico
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ISO 14001 Environmental management in Mexico: What are the laws that companies should know?

environmental management in Mexico

Rules and regulations for environmental management in Mexico can be very broad and potentially complex.  For this reason, maquiladoras manufacturers in Mexico may find it challenging to comply with them. From this need, the ISO 14001 standard for environmental compliance was established in order to facilitate compliance with the environmental legislation that has been enacted in Mexico and the rest of the world. 

Maquiladora production facilities often face diverse difficulties to attend to.  Often this circumstance leaves little room to act on issues that are not in a priority position. If we consider the different obligations that apply to the plethora of activities that routinely must be attended to, i.e., the numerous authorizations, records and requirements that are related to the prevention ofimpacts to the environment, significant levels of complexity can be reached.

Managers of manufacturing companies that establish operations in Mexico should consider accessing the service of a company that provides what are known as “shelter services.”  These companies have experts in place that enable manufacturers to comply with what can be, at times, strict legislation.

A company that needs to adhere to the rules and regulations associated with environmental management in Mexico, should be able to find answers to many related common queries on the topic in this article.  Additionally, we will establish a generic list that includes the main environmental laws that companies should keep in mind when establishing manufacturing operations in Mexico for the first time.

Businesses should become familiar with legislation that governs environmental management in Mexico.  As far as possible, it is recommended that a familiarity with each one is gained to avoid problems in the medium or long term.

Environmental responsibility law

The basic law for maquiladoras in Mexico is environmental responsibility. It applies to different manufacturing and other activities and regulates responsibility when it comes to preventing, avoiding and repairing environmental damage. The law establishes the responsibility of the businesses that cause environmental damage. Manufacturers must have a broad knowledge of this law and be aware of what limits exist when it comes to respecting the environment.

Waters law

From this law we find that manufacturers that so, or could, discharge wastewater are obliged to manage the administrative authorizations to be able to do so. As is the case with this requirement for environmental management in Mexico, as well as all others, a Mexican shelter company and its expert staff can provide professional guidance.

Waste and contaminated soil law

This environmental legislation applies to all maquiladora organizations. The obligations of the activities that generate waste are defined by Mexican law.  The shelter company partner can assist with the documents that must be processed.   This is one of the most important environmental laws for which it is important to be in full compliance.

Packaging and waste law

The scope of the application if this law is limited to companies that are industrial producers of packaged products. However, it is considered to be quite important because the prevention of packaging waste must be included in the organization’s business plan to avoid legal problems.

Noise Ordinance

The noise ordinance that is a part of environmental management in Mexico establishes the value of different penalties that can be levied for violations when the limits established in terms of noise pollution are exceeded. This is a basic rule that should be reviewed with shelter company partners before initiating manufacturing activities.

Environmental Assessment Law

It is a preventive text that invites organizations to develop an environmental assessment study before obtaining approval and starting the activity. This instrument incorporates some new processing features. It is necessary to know the law and its updates in order to have a work license and develop mitigation programs for environmental purposes.

Air quality protection of the atmosphere and law

The preservation of the quality of the air and the protection of the atmosphere is a part of environmental management in Mexico.  Mexican air quality law is similar to the Clean Air Act Standards that are in place in the United States.

ISO 14001 environmental management in Mexico

As has been commented throughout the article, it is important that manufacturers in Mexico take care of the environment One of the ways to comply with current legislation is to enlist the services of a Mexican shelter company.   Companies must take the measures necessary to minimize the potential negative impact that they inflict upon the environment.   For this purpose, companies can use the ISO 14001 standard to ensure their compliance.


Alan Russell

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer


Alan Russell

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Tecma, Mexico Shelter Company CEO, K. Alan Russell, is at the helm of one of the maquiladora industry’s foremost organizations.