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Amcor now offers its repair and refurbishment services in Mexico

Amcor now offers its repair and refurbishment services in Mexico

New Jersey-based company sees and pursues opportunities in a growing market to the south.

Tecma Group client company, Amcor Service Solutions, has expanded its repair and refurbishment operations by adding the capacity needed to serve customers in the growing Mexican domestic market.

Since 2007, the Amcor customers have sent items to the company’s Ciudad Juarez, Mexico center to be worked on and returned to the US in top functional condition. Starting in the second quarter of the present year, Amcor Service Solutions began performing repair and refurbishment operations on cash handling equipment from interior Mexican cities such as one of the country’s foremost commercial hubs, Monterrey.

According to Amcor’s co-founder and COO, Rich Guglielmo, the firm’s decision to pursue repair and refurbishment business in Mexico’s domestic market was not only a product of the nation’s steady economic growth in general, was also a product of “recent changes in Mexican internal trade policy.”

Guglielmo went on to say that “all of the services that Amcor has provided to a primarily US-based clientele are now available to Mexican businesses, and that Amcor Service Solutions is excited about its recent decision to open its doors to an entirely new marketplace” Among these Amcor’s offerings are:

• Depot Repair
• Warranty Tracking
• Inventory Management
• Product/Spares Distribution
• Warranty Tracking

AMCOR is an ISO9001:2008 Certified Service Solutions Company that has been providing inventory management, depot repair, replacement parts repair and refurbishment services to maintenance organizations, manufacturers and end users worldwide since 1986. Headquartered in Pompton Lakes, NJ, AMCOR has service and distribution centers in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, to support a variety of products in the, POS, general purpose computing, consumer electronics and transportation industries. AMCOR provides component level repair, whole unit repair and refurbishment on printers, kiosks, self-checkout equipment, touch screens, bill acceptors, coin dispensers, PC’s, consumer electronics devices and complex keyboards.

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