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Manuel Ochoa joins the Tecma Group of Companies

El Paso, Texas, August 9, 2013 – The Tecma Group of Companies announced the addition of Manuel Ochoa to its business development team today. As Tecma’s new Vice President of Business Development, Manuel will be spearheading sales efforts to expand Tecma’s base of clients for its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP), or shelter services, as well as other offerings made available by Tecma to companies that wish to manufacture in Mexico.

Prior to joining the Tecma Group of Companies, Manuel served as Vice President for Bi-National Development with the El Paso Regional Economic Development Corporation/Borderplex Alliance. Manuel’s responsibilities included providing professional services to businesses and industries interested in relocating or expanding their operations to the Greater El Paso, Texas, Ciudad Juarez and Southern New Mexico area. Many of these companies were seeking to manufacture in Mexico using shelter services, or as stand-alone, wholly-owned subsidiaries He held that position since 2004. Manuel also served as Vice President of the National Chamber of Manufacturers in Mexico for 10 years and on the Board of Directors of the Juarez Economic Development organization. He served as coordinator of the Camino Real Economic Alliance initiative, a bi-national collaborative of public and private sector organizations along the historic Camino Real Corridor from Chihuahua City, Mexico to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Manuel held the position of Vice President of the International Trade Division with the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce since 1994.

Manuel has received several accolades, including the prestigious “Ohtli” Award by the Mexican Government, through the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME) within the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores for his contribution to the progress of the Mexican and Hispanic communities in the United States.

Commenting upon his new association with the Tecma Group of Companies, Ochoa stated that“It is an honor to join such professional team.”

K. Alan Russell, Tecma’s president and CEO states that “the addition of Manuel to the Tecma team will increase our companies’ bi-national national strength going forward, and will, without a doubt, contribute to the growth of our shelter service and other businesses.”

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