K. Alan Russell, an El Paso businessman, was recently appointed to the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Freight Advisory Committee. Russell is the Chairman and CEO of Tecma Group of Companies. His presence on the committee will bring a Mexico manufacturing perspective to the group and its activities.

Tecma is a bi-national company that directly employs 4,500 individuals that provides Mexico manufacturing support to maquiladora industry firms through its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP). He has been at the forefront of international trade issues on the Texas – Mexico border for nearly three decades. Mr. Russell joins twenty-two other members from all over the State that serve in a similar capacity.

As one of the group advisers to the Texas Department of Transportation, Russell aims to inject an elevated awareness, as well as an expert and balanced perspective on the importance of Texas’ land ports with Mexico, as they relate to the overall health and prosperity of the State’s economy and citizens alike.

In relating his views on the topic, Russell noted that “the State of Texas has been blessed with a geography that makes it a commercial force to be reckoned with. The sea ports that serve the three hundred and fifty mile Gulf Coast constitute an important commercial conduit between Texas and the world, while the eleven land ports that span the 1,250 mile border that Texas shares with one of the world’s most dynamic emerging economies are meritorious of thoughtful consideration and attention, as well. Our ability to accommodate the freight traffic generated by Mexico manufacturing will greatly affect our ability to generate greater wealth and employment for the region.”

The Freight Advisory Committee plays a role in helping TxDOT to understand the concerns of Texas’ freight industry and the business community at large. It also provides input on freight related issues and priorities, as well as contributes to the development of a statewide Freight Mobility Plan.

The Committee’s kick-off meeting was held on February 28th in Austin. The group’s next meeting is tentatively scheduled to take place in El Paso this coming June 5th