Juan Arvilla, the Tecma Group of Company’s director of procurement and purchasing, maintains that, due to the concentration of maquiladora industry manufacturing that transpires in Ciudad Juarez, a wide variety of  U.S. and Mexican suppliers of goods and services are present in the region.

Hello. My name is Juan Arvilla and I am the procurement and purchasing manager for the Tecma Group of Companies in Ciudad Juarez. The extent and size of the maquiladora industry  presence in the El Paso – Ciudad Juarez area allows the maintenance, repairs and operations purchasing departments to work with a wide range of local U.S. and Mexican suppliers, and to procure all sorts of goods and services from hardware, tools, spare parts and up to the most complicated software programming for automated processes.

This extensive variety of American and Mexican maquiladora industry suppliers also allows the Tecma Group’s MRO buyers to constantly research an evaluate suppliers, identify new and better sources, benefit from economies of scale and negotiate favorable prices. Working with local suppliers from both sides of the border allows us to maintain inventories at the suppliers’ sites and make deliveries according to Tecma Group client company needs, and always have quick respons and on time delivery.

There is always a company that will be willing to help you, and through good research and evaluation you will always find a reliable U.S. and Mexican maquiladora industry suppliers that, in the end, you can call your partner.

Photo credit: Dima Bushkov