White & Case, an international law firm with numerous offices spanning the globe, has recently made a report available to those researching Mexican investment opportunities.

Lawyers at White & Case propose that, because of the battery of significant economic reforms that have been enacted under the leadership of Mexico’s chief executive, Enrique Peña Nieto, the Mexican investment opportunities that will present themselves now, and in the years to come, will enable those bringing foreign capital into the country to experience positive returns, as well as will serve to modernize the country and bring greater economic well-being to a widerswath of its citizenry.

In particular, White & Case’s “Spotlight on Reforms in Mexico,” examines the nascent transformation of the country’s formerly insular energy sector, as well as changes put in place in other critical areas that affect Mexican economic performance. According to White & Case’s team of professionals, reforms to the energy sector will  eventually result in the country’s ability to generate power at a cost that will be considerably less than has been the case in the past. Mexican investment opportunities will materialize in industries that, until now, have passed over because of the country’s uncompetitive electricity and natural gas prices.

A senior partner at White & Case, Vicente Corta Fernandez, asserts that Mexican investment opportunities are and will continue to be solid and potentially very lucrative. According to Corta, this is the case because Mexico possesses:

  • Favorable demographics
  • Sound public finances
  • Trained and educated workers
  • Transparent and predictable legal framework

Mexican investment opportunities will be prevalent in the years to come not only in the traditional energy and manufacturing sectors, but also in activities involving greeen power and renewables. In addition to reforms that have opened up the exploration for oil and natural gas to foreign companies, recent legislation has also has laid the groundwork for the creation of an independent energy trading market. Laws passed based upon climate-related legislation may incentivize foreign, as well as domestic, capital to act on Mexican investment opportunities in this area of growth, as well.

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