Mexico Human Resources is Key to Manufacturing in Mexico

“We are proud of Tecma’s Mexico Human Resources Department that provides services focused on the needs of both our clients and our employees.  Pablo Zayas

Pablo is an Industrial Engineer with over nineteen years of experience in Mexico Human Resources Management.

As manufacturing companies, foreign to Mexico contemplate taking some of their labor requirements ‘near-shore’ a key question in their minds is, “where do we find and keep qualified, motivated workers?”.  This one concern has held hundreds of companies from deciding to explore the benefits of lower product production costs available just south of the border.

As in the U.S. or Canada simply holding up a ‘help wanted sign’ is just the beginning of a complex human relationship between employer and employee.  Companies that are not sensitive to the cultural differences between personnel in their hometown area and a foreign country like Mexico are destined to face difficult times as they attempt to understand just how things work in this new country.

A qualified Mexico Shelter company that specializes in providing services that have been developed over many years can simplify this seemingly impossible task of locating and keeping qualified and motivated workers in Mexico.

The Tecma Group of Companies is one of the most successful and competent Mexico Shelter companies with over 7,000 motivated and qualified employees in Juarez, Tijuana, Torreon as well as locations in Mexico.  Dating back to the formation of Tecma in 1986 the founders of Tecma learned very quickly that recognizing the cultural differences between the US and Mexico was the most important element of success.

Over the years Tecma has witnessed start-up competitors that failed to recognize that the Mexico worker is family oriented and that the job is important, but not the most important part of their life.  In the US, the prevalent mental attitude is that the job comes first and family second.  Bringing such an attitude to a facility in Mexico spells failure.


GUIDEBOOKS:  Over these 31 years Tecma has fine-tuned sensitivities in our guidebooks that assist managers foreign to Mexico with the tools and training that assists them with learning the ways of Mexico which, when applied, leads to a successful plant operation.

EXECUTIVE TRAINING:  You see, we do not focus on teaching our Mexican workers how to work.  To the contrary.  We teach a company’s plant managers about Mexico.  What to expect, how to react to situations, how to motivate the Mexican worker, etc.  Classes are held every month for plant managers on how to develop and maintain a motivated worker ‘team’.

SOCIAL PROGRAMS:  Every company in history that has become successful has followed the teachings of some of the best coaches.  Teamwork is taught not only for football, soccer, baseball teams but is taught throughout the organization structure of such companies.  Tecma joins in this reasoning and promotes special TEAM BUILDING PROGRAMS involving bicycle races, baseball games, softball games, cross country runs, etc.  Such programs have been proven to build a team attitude throughout history and Tecma clients benefit from Tecma’s focus on perpetuating such programs for all employee participants.

RECOGNITION OF MEXICAN HOLIDAYS:  Mexico is a country with deep religious beliefs with the value of the family unit being held as the center of their lives.  Recognition of Mexican Holidays is yet another sensitivity being taught to companies foreign to Mexico.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Independence Day), Christmas, Easter, etc. are key days for which Tecma provides full support for both employees and for companies learning the ways of Mexico.

MEXICO HUMAN RESOURCES are at the very heart of developing and maintaining successful operations in Mexico.  All the activities discussed above are just some of the programs being offered to client employers and employees alike by Tecma.  Most profoundly is Tecma’s attitude about operating a continuing ‘search program’ where Tecma identifies the qualification requirements needed by its client customer and provides a virtually limitless flow of staffing so its clients can be meeting production levels required by markets.

Recently Tecma released its ‘one of a kind’ JOB OPPORTUNITIES WEBSITE in Juarez and Tijuana. displays all jobs that are available in a prospective employee’s local area, qualification requirements, benefits and pay levels.  Applicants fill out a short form on their cell phone or computer and are contacted within minutes by personnel in Human Resources who then immediately arrange interviews.  Through this ‘high-tech’ employee sourcing system Tecma can meet growth demands that are destined to increase in Mexico.

For further information on how Tecma could assist you and your company we recommend visiting and take the ‘FIRST FOUR PAGE TOUR’, register and you will hear from us, typically within minutes.