The effective recruitment and selection of personnel in the maquiladora industry is, without exception, the most critical factor in ensuring the success of any efforts related to establishing and maintaining an ongoing manufacturing presence in Mexico.

As is the case in other countries, and other industries, there are a number of different tools and methodologies that are utilized by human resources professionals in Mexico whose responsibility it is to achieve the goal of identifying the right talent and making the right hires. Failure to master the recruitment and selection of personnel in the maquiladora industry can, and will, result in low factory productivity and profitability. It is of no consequence for a company to have a defined mission, if there are not adequate and qualified people in place to carry it out. Not unlike the situation found in labor markets worldwide, there are four primary tools that are available to human resources personnel that are involved in the recruitment and selection of personnel in the maquiladora industry. They consist of:

  • filling open positions with candidates already in the organization (internal hires), or with qualified individuals that are friends and/or family of current employees (word of mouth);
  • seeking qualified workers through the dissemination of information on job availability in local, regional or, depending upon the level of the vacancy to be filled, national print-media;
  • calling on employment agencies or professional recruiters (headhunters) for assistance;
  • posting the availability of positions on websites on the Internet whose content is specifically tailored to meet the needs of job seekers.

In Mexico, as in any other competitive labor market, one of the most time, and other resource, consuming challenges to new entrants is learning which print-media outlets, employment agencies, professional recruiters and “headhunters,” and job seeker-related websites are the most effective and reputable. Human resources professionals whose specialty, today, is in the recruitment and selection of personnel in the maquiladora industry have already done the leg work and amassed the experience required to use the tools available in the Mexican market to their best advantage. This is one of the most important benefits enjoyed by customers that chose to set up manufacturing operations by partnering with a Mexican shelter service provider such as the Tecma Group of Companies.

Tecma’s human resource team executes a recruitment and selection methodology that employs the use of a combination of one or more of the tools available in its marketplace in order to fill vacancies in a timely manner. Prior to doing so, however, Tecma HR staff:

  • consults with client companies in order to learn of their human resource needs, as well as in order to construct profiles that accurately reflect the qualifications and duties related to each position to be filled;
  • learns about the products that will be manufactured, and processes that will be conducted to make them in order to have a detailed knowledge of the skill sets required to recruit appropriate candidates for each post;
  • conducts primary interviews before presenting screened candidates to client company decision makers for final selection;

Companies that decide to partner with Tecma inz Mexico can expect to have the benefit of quick access to a database of applications that have been collected among candidates in the regions in which the Tecma Group conducts business. Additionally, in order to jump start the hiring process, manufacturers also can tap into other information that includes professional resumes, prior job history information and references for candidates that have already been pre-screened, and, in some cases, have previously sat for preliminary interviews. Since the recruitment and selection of personnel in the maquiladora industry is one of the Tecma Group of Companies’ core competencies, those seeking assistance or advice are encouraged to contact the Tecma Mexico HR experts.