Alan Russell, the Tecma Group of Companies’ top executive, was among a number of individuals who were recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Small Business Administration with the prestigious District Director’s Achievement Award.

The event took place during a luncheon held at the El Paso Airport Wyndham Hotel. In attendance were leaders of El Paso’s business community, as well as the SBA’s director of ten U.S. states. The event was a part of the SBA’s 50th Annual Small Business Week activities.

Each recipient was honored for their efforts to foster the expansion and continued growth of the El Paso region economy.

Russell, the Chairman and CEO of the Tecma Group of Companies, has spent nearly three decades at the forefront of the steadily rising tide of trade between the United States and Mexico. Due to his vast experience with issues related to bi-national commerce, he is frequently sought out for his expertise by both national and international information outlets.

Under Russell’s strong leadership, the Tecma Group of Companies has grown to provide comprehensive service to manufacturing facilities in three Mexican cities. Tecma’s Mexico operations are supported by administrative, and warehousing and distribution facilities that are located in El Paso.

When asked about the source of Tecma’s twenty-seven years of success, Russell cited a focused concentration on both customers and employees alike: “Our Mission is to create an environment where our clients and employees never want to leave us,” he said. Additionally he stated that, “Tecma is constantly implementing improvements in leadership, training, team building, innovation and safety, as well as striving for maximum effectiveness and efficiency in all facets of the business processes. These things give us our edge.”

About the Tecma Group of Companies

Tecma is a provider of what are known in Mexico as “shelter services.” Under the Tecma business model, manufacturers are free to fully focus on their core production activities, while Tecma addresses their human resource, accounting, logistics, purchasing and other non-manufacturing needs. The Tecma Group of company is also comprised of Tecma Transportation Services (TTS), Tecma Industrial Cafeteria Services and Secure Origin’s, Inc.