Similar corporate cultures make the Tecma Group – Made in Mexico, Inc. pairing a strong one.

Hello. I am Alan Russell, Chairman, co-founder and CEO of the Tecma Group of Companies. Tecma has operated a shelter manufacturing business with warehousing and distribution services along the US-Mexico border, and as far south as Torreon and Leon, Guanajuato.  I would like to take this opportunity to make a brief statement on Tecma’s recent acquisition of Made in Mexico, Inc.

For the past thirty ‘years, we continued to expand and to improve our service model. Approximately one year ago we opened our first factory in the Tijuana region, in a small community just to the south called Rosarito. We found an engaging and very stable and productive workforce, and a very successful operation. Since then, we opened our second operation for an existing client. This gave our client the ability to expand, and to gain the advantage of distributing its product in the California region.

We wanted to create a base station, or a local presence in Tijuana. We had continuing requests to provide services, but we felt that, without more talent “on the ground,” that we were handicapped. Therefore, we went on a search for local talent, and, possibly, a local company. In that search, we discovered made in Mexico in Mexico, Inc. Made in Mexico, Inc. was founded by Dale Robinson, like Tecma, almost thirty years ago. We found a similar corporate culture, i.e., one that focuses on the human element of providing services, not just the physical presence, but actual human resource development. For thirty years, Made in Mexico, Inc. has had an honorable presence and a good reputation in the marketplace. The employees of Made in Mexico, Inc., the core group, has more
than twenty years of tenure. This gave us the confidence that this might be a good match for Tecma’s philosophy.

Like most things in life, timing is everything. Finding Made in Mexico, Inc. at this moment, and at this opportune time, was a great opportunity and find for Tecma. Dale Robinson, the co-founder and current CEO, of Made in Mexico, Inc., was ready to take on other business opportunities and make some changes in his personal life, but he was very proud and did not want to leave the companies in the hands of an unknown party, or one that would not respect the employees and staff that he had worked so hard to build and had become friends with over the past twenty five years or so. We found a match. A deal was struck.

So, effective October 2015, Made in Mexico, Inc. becomes part of the Tecma Group of Companies. We are very proud of this opportunity, and the opportunities that it will give us, as a company. The Made in Mexico, Inc. staff in Tijuana will have greater opportunities, as we further expand into that market. Made in Mexico, Inc.’s existing clients will continue to enjoy the good service that they have learned to appreciate over the years. They also will have the chance to participate in Tecma’s expanded service models, and greater opportunities for them to export to their manufactures to other countries that Mexico may have free trade agreements with.

For future clients, that are under the cost pressure of being, for example, in the State of California, which results in a difficulty to compete effectively on a national or an international basis, will have the opportunity of utilizing Tecma’s service model to expand their manufacturing into the Northern Mexico region.

Welcome to Baja California. We are proud to be here, and we look forward to having a presence here with Made in Mexico, Inc. for many years to come. Thank you and good day.