Tecma’s offerings to diverse Mexico shelter operations are an essential ingredient for international manufacturing success, and have recently attracted the attention important of Spanish language business publications.

The Tecma Group of Companies was originally founded as a contract manufacturing operation back in the middle 1980’s. A few years after the firm’s creation, however, Tecma founder, and present day president and CEO, Alan Russell, observed that market conditions at the time were particularly amenable to the offering of diverse Mexico shelter operations to companies that needed a lower cost and lower risk way to benefit from US proximity to Mexico.

Recently, Russell, sat down with interviewers from the Spanish language version print and on-line media publications Ser Empresario (Being a Businessman) and WOBI (World of Business Ideas) to speak about the company and its services, the diverse Mexico shelter operations it houses, and the steady growth and success that the Tecma Group of Companies has experienced over its three decades of existence.

In the Ser Empresario interview, Russell points out that the move from contract manufacturing to supporting diverse Mexico shelter operations was a smooth one. In the middle eighties Tecma had all of the necessary licenses and permits in place to operate in the Mexican market as a maquiladora. Rather than manufacturing its own product, Tecma began to provide all of the services that shelter companies in Mexico provide that enable companies to manufacture for themselves in an environment of complete focus on core processes and attention to product quality.

Tecma began, and continues to this day, to offer its client companies Mexico shelter services in the areas of:

  • human resources
  • import – export
  • payroll and benefit management
  • accounting
  • facilities management
  • vendor management and procurement
  • EH&S compliance
  • transportation and logistics
  • supply chain services

In the Ser Empresario piece Russell points out that, although “the face” of the Tecma Group of Companies is in El Paso, Texas, the firm has serviced diverse Mexico shelter operations along the border, as well as within the county’s interior in cities such as Torreon, and points further south such as the state of Guanajuato.

Recently Tecma has established a significant presence in the State of Baja California. The president and CEO viewed setting up shop there as being a logical “next move” given the the depth of the companies border business acumen, and the high profile presence of major industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical device within the boundaries of the state.

Russell also highlighted Tecma’s broad experience in servicing companies that make a wide variety of “Made in Mexico” products. Items that range from mannequins to sensors and controls to complex cable and electro-mechanical assemblies ship from Tecma facilities on a daily basis throughout the year. Some of the companies that are a part of the firm’s client roster have been enjoying Tecma’s service for a decade or more. According to Alan Russell, this fact “can be attributed to the quality of the team of employees that has been assembled over the years.”

The ability to attract and retain professionals that provide superior customer service to manufacturers has led to Tecma’s recognition this year as being one of the 100 Great Places to Work in Mexico.

Direct links to the original Spanish language magazine pieces can be accessed below:

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