The task of caring for the occupational health and safety of its Mexican workforce is taken seriously by Tecma.

Adopting and maintaining high standards for occupational health and safety in Mexico is not only good internal company policy, but, also, is a necessity in terms of complying with the country’s laws, rules and regulations in a very important area.

Rules and requirements related to occupational health and safety in Mexico fall under the authority of the nation’s federal government, and are governed by Article 504 of Mexico’s Federal Labor Law. Article 504 states that, “When employers have more than one hundred workers in their service, they are required to maintain an infirmary that is equipped with any necessary medical supplies to be made available at all times. The infirmary must also be staffed by trained personnel, and be operated under the supervision of a licensed physician.”

Tecma takes occupational health and safety in Mexico seriously, and, as such, a physician licensed in the area specialty of work place medicine, as well as a nursing staff that is comprised of sixteen licensed and trained individuals. Every industrial building that is occupied by a Tecma Group of Companies’ manufacturing client contains within a completely provisioned infirmary and personnel to attend to workers on-site medical needs.

As a further demonstration that Tecma takes occupational health and safety in Mexico seriously, the company invests time and financial resources to make certain that its nursing staff is well-educated and well-trained. This past June 27, 2015, a group of seven of the Tecma Group of Companies’ staff nursing personnel completed one hundred hours of job related training at a meeting space at the Museo de la Rodadora in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Among the nurses that participated and completed the course, are the following individuals:

  • Rosa Elisa Navarrette Puentes
  • Julia Maribel Reyes Ascencio
  • Ana Luisa Valles
  • Margarita Cuevas Gonzalez
  • Maribel Evangelista Millan
  • Guadalupe Martinez Carbajal
  • Selene Gabriela Rivera Davila

Instruction in issues related to the hygienic handling of food in the workplace, industrial dermatology, hearing and respiratory pathologies, workplace risk and Mexican Social Security health and safety rules and regulations was delivered by staff of the Asociacion Fronteriza de Enfermeria Industrial A.C., (AFENINAC), or the Border Association of Industrial Nursing in English. The completion of the course of studies will enable those that are involved with looking after the health of Tecma manufacturing client personnel, as well as those internal to the Tecma Group of Companies, to do so with a higher level of knowledge and expertise. The nursing team at Tecma is under the direction of Dr. Gustavo Villegas. In addition to attending educational programs such as the course recently given by AFENINAC, Dr. Villegas regularly conducts in-house training of personnel in order to further develop staff skill sets and knowledge.