“Today, August 8, 2018,  we had a priceless moment in the TECMA family. We had an open house for today’s children of Tecma employees combined with a burial of a Tecma Time Capsule for the children of tomorrow’s Tecma employees.

Their day started with an opening ceremony and a fun filled introduction to Tecma.  This was followed by welcome breakfast, enjoyed by all.

1-Tecma Time Capsule Ribbon Cutting

The children were then transported to the Rodadora Museum for a fascinating science class.  A highlight of their day was a program provided by the Juarez Police Department featuring the Juarez Police Dogs that assist the police.

6-Tecma Time Capsule Rodatura Museium

A fun and educational part of the day was a tour of the NOA mannequin manufacturing floor demonstrating the type of work that is being done by their Moms and Dads at Tecma.


All were glad to see lunch time when Tecma’s kitchens provided burritos that brought broad smiles and excitement.

4-Tecma Time Capsule Breakfast Burritos

Tecma’s staff handed out special Diplomas and a candy bag that will assure the day will be remembered into the future.  Each child was given the opportunity to write a letter to the children of the future which was then deposited into the Tecma Time Capsule.

7-Tecma Time Capsule Preparing Letters

Gina was on hand to lead the time capsule burial ceremony.

Georgina-Burying Capsule

8-Tecma Time Capsule Stone

All in all it was a wonderful day as everyone contemplated the children of the future reviewing the letters and objects placed in the time capsule.

9-Tecma Time Capsule Group-Tree

The kids and dads had a great time. We are now hiring shelter employees whose children will be opening the time capsule in the future.  Alan Russell wrote a great note for the time capsule.  I confess, It is hard to keep 40 kids under control for 9 hours.”  Jose Grajeda  Chief Operating Officer – the Tecma Group of Companies

Executive Team Capsule