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Tecma continues to be a Great Place To Work

Tecma continues to be a Great Place To Work


In a Gala Ceremony held on May 8th  in Mexico City, Georgina Contreras, Kassandra Escobar and Manuel Granados received on behalf of Tecma, the recognition for obtaining the 63rdplace as a Great Place to Work (GPTW), in the category of Companies With 500 to 5,000 Employees

 For the first time this year, our Tecma West operations were included in the certification process as GPTW.  This resulted in both the Juarez and the Tijuana operations being certified as one company among the top 100 GPTW in México.

The GPTW model is focused on building trust and pride among the employees with three main relationships: leaders, the company and peers. The model also includes the community outreach activities.

In 2015, Tecma Juarez was certified for the first time and obtained the 82ndplace.  Considerable growth and improvements and job climate has happened since 2015.

A total of 441 Tecma administrative employees of Juarez and Tijuana participated in the GPTW survey conducted in October of 2018 to obtain the 2019 certification with a Trust Index of 75 %. This index includes the result of the survey and the evidence of Tecma practices that promotes a Great Place To Work.  A complete portfolio of evidence was submitted for this purpose to the GPTW Institute in Mexico City.

The GPTW 2019 certification is the result of leaders and Top Management following good practices to maintain a healthy and enjoyable Great Place to Work.




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