A desire to be good stewards of the environment and to boost customer service quality motivates Tecma Transportation Services’ participation in voluntary program

Tecma Transportation Services (TTS) has made the commitment to participate in the Clean Transport program that has been established by Mexico’s Secretariat of Transportation and Communications (SCT), and the Mexican Federal Government’s principal environmental authority, SEMARNAT.

SCT and SEMARNAT’s Clean Transport initiative is  a voluntary one. Participants include public and private entities that utilize federally funded and constructed roads and bridges for the purpose of transporting goods and persons for industry and for tourism.

The purpose of the Clean Transport initiative is to work with businesses to assist them in adopting strategies and best practices that enable them to achieve the goal of reducing fuel consumption and harmful atmospheric emissions. Accomplishing these two ends will result in the added positive impact of lowering the cost of transportation operations.

Tecma Transportation Services’ (TTS) strategy consists of three phases of implementation:

  • Equipping company tractors with aerodynamic technology, so as to decrease drag and fuel consumption;
  • Training trailer operators in the consistent practice of driving techniques that have been proven to maximize energy efficiency;
  • Defining the most efficient routes by which to service Tecma Transportation Services’ customers.

As of the present date, TTS has completed the first two phases of its strategy to reduce fuel consumption, cut emissions and lower costs.

Tecma Transportation Services currently runs a fleet in which all trailers are equipped with aerodynamic technology. Additionally, all TTS drivers completed a sixteen hour course in early July, in which they learned the basic principles of diesel mechanics, the composition of contaminant substances, and the correct and safe manner in which to deal with roadway emergencies.

The gains to be enjoyed by participating companies are several.  They include:

  • An awareness of the environmental impact generated by  the operation of their transportation fleets
  • A reduction of their equipment’s harmful emissions
  • An opportunity to become the freight service provider of choice to environmentally conscious customers
  • The ability to cut costs, which can be passed down to consumers in order to gain advantage in a competitive transportation marketplace

Users of the services provided by participants in Mexico’s Clean Transport program can distinguish themselves in their individual markets by pubicizing their preference of using environmentally responsible companies to transport their merchandise, and their people.

As result of having made a serious commitment to Clean Transport, and to the achieving the goals that the program has established and encourages, Tecma Transportation Services demonstrates its unflagging commitment to be good stewards of the environment and its finite resources, as well as to fully support its customers commercial freight needs with competitively priced, efficient and dependable service offerings.