The Tecma Group of Companies continues its commitment to preserving the integrity and sustainability of the environment.

As a result of its ongoing efforts to be a consistently environmentally conscientious organization, the Tecma Group of Companies’ freight arm, Tecma Transportation Services (TTS) recently received certification under the Transporte Limpio program in Mexico. Transporte Limpio, or Clean Transport, recognition is granted jointly by Mexico’s Secretaria de Communicaciones y Transporte (SCT), or, in English, the Secretariat of Communications and Transport, and its national environmental protection agency, the Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT), which is Mexico’s Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources.

The Transporte Limpio program in Mexico was initiated as a pilot program in 2008, and became a formal certification program that is administered by the SCT and SEMARNAT in 2010. The objectives of the program include encouraging transport companies in Mexico to:

  • lower their fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • lower the overall cost of transportation of commercial goods within Mexico;
  • adopt practices that result in increased transportation safety.

The Transporte Limpio program in Mexico, through the SCT and SEMARNAT, recommends that these results be achieved through:

  • the training of drivers in techniques of “fuel efficient driving;”
  • the selection of transportation technologies that reduce fuel consumption through aerodynamic design and other means;
  • the implementation of consistent mechanical maintenance programs that ensure fuel economy;
  • the reduction of “empty trailer” trips.

As of March 2015 SEMARNAT reported that the combined reduction in carbon emissions achieved by the approximately two hundred voluntary participants in the Clean Transport program totaled in excess of 3.5 million tons since the its inception in 2008.

In its certification assessment of Tecma Transportation Services‘ performance under the criteria set by the Transporte Limpio Program in Mexico, Ms. Myriam Romero Fernandez, the SEMARNAT Liaison for Transportation Programs, congratulated the TTS staff on having met the SCT and SEMARNAT standards for recognition, as well as made several suggestions as to how TTS can make further future improvements toward its goal of becoming the most environmentally conscious Mexican transportation company that it can be. Among the recommendations made were:

  • to continue to train drivers in techniques of “fuel efficient” driving, although TTS drivers have succeeded in cutting company diesel consumption by a significant 7,381 gallons;
  • to expand its fleet of aerodynamically designed cabs and trailers;
  • to continue to regularly inspect transportation equipment, upgrade logistics and
  • transportation software, as well as to plan routes in a way that further reduces the burning of diesel fuel.

When commenting on the importance of TTS’ recognition by the Transporte Limpio program in Mexico, Walter Centeno, the organization’s transportation manager pointed out the critical importance of TTS truck drivers in meeting the environmentally stringent goals and objectives of the company. According to Centeno, “this accomplishment, to a large degree, is the product of a very important, but often overlooked group of the organization’s members. Without the cooperative and dedicated participation of TTS’ staff of professional truck drivers, this achievement would not have
been possible.”


Tecma Transportation Services is an asset-based trucking company, and is a member of the Tecma Group of Companies, based in El Paso, Texas with operations in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Tijuana in the Mexican State of Baja California. TTS is focuses on cross border operations by serving the maquiladora industry with superior customer service, and competitive pricing. The receipt of Transporte Limpio recognition by TTS is evidence of its commitment to facilitating the flow of international commerce, while maintaining the integrity of the environment.