TECMA Best of the Best 2019 Award

Tecma is proud of its company and is even more proud of the clients that have chosen Tecma to be their Mexico Shelter Service Provider.

We just held the TECMA Best of the Best 2019 award ceremony.

Each year Tecma interviews all clients of Tecma to discover those clients who are achieving the highest levels of results for lowest turnover, employee motivational programs, health and safety, best place to work practices, etc.

During the testing and verification phase Tecma creates two categories; clients with less than 100 employees and clients with more than 100 employees.

This year’s ceremony was honored by the attendance of Richard from Amcor and Lora from Pepi as corporate visitors.

These are the winners for the year 2018.  Jose Grajeda

First Place Winner is SuperSack


Tecma Best of the Best