El Bajio Region (Queretaro)
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El Bajío: The Rising Star of Manufacturing in Mexico

El Bajio Region (Queretaro)

El Bajío, a region in central Mexico, is fast becoming one of the most vibrant manufacturing hubs in Latin America. Nonetheless, El Bajío’s ascent as a manufacturing powerhouse is no coincidence.

This region, which includes Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, part of Jalisco, and Querétaro, offers excellent logistic advantages providing easy access to the U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico. This enables manufacturers to streamline their supply chains and reduce transportation costs.

A Regional Breakdown of the Manufacturing Landscape

El Bajío’s manufacturing landscape is marked by its diversity. While the automotive industry has been a significant growth driver, with major international automotive manufacturers and suppliers setting up operations, the region is not reliant on a single sector. Aerospace, food processing, and electronics manufacturing industries have also experienced substantial growth, benefiting from the same advantages that attracted the automotive industry.

With companies like Toyota, Honda, and General Motors operating large plants, El Bajío has solidified its position as a critical location for automotive manufacturing in Mexico. The region’s dense network of suppliers and service providers further enhances its attractiveness to the auto industry.

Moreover, the aerospace industry in El Bajío is on an upward trajectory, supported by a growing cluster of manufacturers specializing in aircraft assembly, maintenance, and parts manufacturing. The region’s commitment to quality and excellence has caught the attention of global aerospace, such as Airbus and Boeing, which have been present in this region for a while, showing excellent results. Aerospace companies in the area are also looking for reliable partners in their supply chains.

El Bajío is also making strides in the food processing industry, leveraging its rich agricultural heritage. The region’s capacity for high-value agricultural production offers food manufacturers a reliable supply of raw materials, while its logistical advantages ensure easy access to domestic and international markets.

The electronics manufacturing sector has found a favorable environment in El Bajío. Companies involved in the assembly of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and telecommunication equipment have established a significant presence in the area.

El Bajío is well-positioned to continue attracting investment from various industries. As more companies look to capitalize on the advantages offered by El Bajío, the region is set to play an increasingly vital role in Mexico’s economic landscape and the global manufacturing sector.

Various commodities are manufactured across El Bajío, with auto parts and accessories emerging as a significant focal point. However, the manufacturing activity in this region spans a wide array of goods, reflecting its multifaceted industrial prowess.

In Guanajuato, 344 active manufacturing sites employ a workforce of 191,059 individuals. The primary commodities exported from Guanajuato include auto parts and accessories, accounting for 28% of the exports, along with footwear at 4.59% and electric cables and harnesses at 4.35%. The U.S. is the primary market, getting 86% of the exports, followed by Canada and Brazil.

Queretaro boasts 249 active manufacturing sites, with a workforce of 119,441. Auto parts and accessories dominate the export scene, representing 32.9% of exports, followed by refrigerators at 15.9% and diverse machinery at 4.18%. Most commodities manufactured in Queretaro find their way to North America, with 82.8% exported to the U.S. and an additional 4.18% to Canada.

Aguascalientes is home to 89 manufacturing sites, with 71,524 employees contributing to its industrial output. The primary commodities include auto parts and accessories (36.6%), apparatus for purifying or filtering liquids and gases (11.4%), and measuring instruments (6.97%). These products are predominantly exported to the U.S., accounting for 80.4%, with smaller percentages going to Germany (3.06%) and China (2.63%).

In Guadalajara, Jalisco, also part of the El Bajío region, 56 manufacturing sites employ 19,958 individuals. Ethyl alcohol is the primary export commodity, comprising 28.5% of exports, followed by fresh and refrigerated tomatoes (5.49%) and vegetable fats and oils (5.16%). Once again, the U.S. is the dominant export destination, capturing 81.4% of exports, trailed by China and Canada.

The new nearshoring trend is drawing increased interest from foreign companies toward El Bajío for its manufacturing diversity and competitive advantages. For those seeking to accelerate their entry into the Mexican market, TECMA offers reliable support for establishing new operations.


Enrique De Alba

Director of Operations - Tecma East


Enrique De Alba

Director of Operations - Tecma East

Enrique is an integral member of Tecma Group of Companies in the East Division.